Resolving the 520 Error Mystery

At Fitt-Consulting, we believe in transparency and accountability, which is why we’re sharing insights into a recent challenge we faced and how we collaborated with one of our valued clients to overcome it. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we’re committed to learning from our experiences and implementing solutions that enhance the reliability and performance of our clients’ services.

Recently, Fitt-Consulting received a request for assistance from Vet Shop Australia (VSA), one of our esteemed clients. VSA was experiencing intermittent 520 errors occurring between their website and Cloudflare, disrupting user experiences and causing frustration for their customers. Here’s how we tackled this challenge collaboratively with VSA

Upon receiving VSA’s request, Fitt-Consulting initiated a comprehensive investigation to pinpoint the root cause of the 520 errors. We meticulously reviewed server configurations, analyzed logs, and monitored server resources to identify any anomalies contributing to the issue.

We worked closely with VSA’s team members to troubleshoot the issue collaboratively. Through transparent communication and shared expertise, we collectively brainstormed potential solutions and devised a strategy to address the problem effectively.

Instead of making sweeping changes all at once, Fitt-Consulting adopted an incremental approach to resolving the issue. Together with VSA, we implemented several adjustments, including modifying PHP-FPM settings, optimizing server resources, and fine-tuning Cloudflare configurations.

Following these adjustments, we closely monitored server performance and error occurrences in real-time. Through ongoing collaboration and adaptation, we iteratively refined our approach, ensuring that each change brought us closer to a resolution.

We’re proud to announce that we were able to resolve the 520 errors experienced by VSA with zero disruption to their website. By leveraging insights gained from this collaborative effort, Fitt-Consulting has not only resolved the immediate issue but also identified areas for long-term optimization and enhancement.

As we reflect on this collaborative effort with VSA, we’re reminded of the importance of proactive communication, teamwork, and continuous improvement. By partnering closely with our clients, Fitt-Consulting is able to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and achieve shared success.

At Fitt-Consulting, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service and driving technological innovation in collaboration with our clients. Thank you to VSA for entrusting us with the opportunity to assist in resolving this challenge and for your continued partnership as we navigate future endeavors together.